PS @ LAX – Because You Deserve to be Pampered

While it’s not necessarily a secret, I would not be surprised if you haven’t heard of PS at Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”). Before reading any further though, I want everyone to say to themselves, I deserve to be pampered while I’m traveling. Whether you are heading on vacation, arriving for your vacation, or just transiting through Los Angeles, you deserve to have someone else take care of you at this point of your trip. This mantra is key to remember as you continue reading this post, but we will get more to that later.

Now that you understand that you deserve this, let’s go into the what this is. PS is essentially a private terminal outside of LAX that offers you a haven away from the confines of the airport. It’s all the perks of an airport lounge, restaurant, bar, and spa all rolled into one but without the airport hassles. Depending on where you are in your trip, PS also takes care of checking you in (including any bags if you have them), TSA security scanning, immigration, and retrieving any checked bags.

PS offers two services – a Private Suite or The Salon, which is a shared space. Since I haven’t experienced The Salon, I will focus on the Private Suite experience in this blog post, but remember The Salon includes a lot of what you can get with the suite. As for the suite, I have experienced it upon landing, leaving, and connecting through LAX, and each time the service has been consistently exceptional.

The Car

One of the highlights of the PS experiences is the transfer between your plane and the PS terminal. They maintain their own fleet of cars and SUVs which will pick you up or drop you off right at the plane door or right at the entrance of the jet bridge so that you essentially never have to set foot in the airport itself. The cars are quite roomy and comfortable and come with a few amenities, including water and a tablet that shows you information like what music is currently playing in the car as well as weather and traffic information for LA. It’s interesting to note that it’s usually jazz that’s playing.

The Suite

When you arrive at PS, you will be greeted by one of your assigned team members and escorted to your suite. Once in the suite, there will be a bathroom off of the entryway, with the main area straight ahead. The main area includes a sitting area as well as where you will find some snacks and drinks. If you pre-ordered any meals, they will have started prepping them the moment you arrived. However, if you missed pre-ordering food, you will have access to the menu, and can order once settled in the suite.

Once in the suite, you will have several choices of snacks, which include chips, chocolates, nuts, cookies, and cheese and crackers. For drinks, there are some amazing cocktails on the menu, but be aware that there is also wine, beer, and spirits already in the suite as well. The variety of choices can make decisions tough, and if you’re like me, at this point, you’re already thinking what to do differently on your next visit.

The Food

As mentioned, there are several snacks and drinks already in the suite, but you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not take advantage of ordering some of the food off the menu. This food is better than a lot of restaurants. I’ve used PS five times in the last year, and each time, I have been able to enjoy several items off their menu. For this post, the pictures will focus on the items I had on my most recent visits, but everything I have had has been both tasty and Instagram worthy. Keep an eye on our Instagram for other pictures from Sonia of some of our other meals. While I recommend all the items in the pictures here, I would also recommend the PS Burger, PS Turkey Sandwich, and the Herb Marinated Hanger Steak.

The Other Amenities

Other than snack and drinks, there are travel essentials that you will find in your suite, including toiletries, medicines, power cables, and some items you may have forgotten to pack, like headphones, earplugs and a travel pillow.

You are allowed to spend up to 3 hours in a suite, so if you find yourself with some extra time or just need more ways to relax, PS also offers showers and can arrange massages, manicures, pedicures, and haircuts. Depending on whether you are a member or not though, these services may incur additional charges.

The Why

As expected, this service comes with a high price tag, but as with everything, the question boils down to – Is this experience for you? In my younger years, it would have been easier to say no to this, but now, this is one of the things I look forward to when traveling to or through LAX. PS adds to my vacation in ways that helps me relax and refresh so I’m ready to start my vacation on the right foot or end my vacation in a way that’s best to ease me back into my normal life. It’s an experience that I always leave in a much better position than when I got there. Returning to the mantra we recited to ourselves at the start of this blog – I deserve to be pampered while I’m traveling. If you continue to believe this now, then think about adding a stop at PS next time you are at LAX.

You can find more information about PS on their website


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