Eatsward Bound is a blog that was created based on a shared love of traveling to new destinations and enjoying the local restaurant scene once there.  As soon as we picked a city, we would scour the internet for top restaurants or check out Yelp reviews.  It even got to a point where we couldn’t decide if we planned the trip based on the location or the restaurants.  We’ve had our share of dishes we loved as well as a few dishes that didn’t necessarily hit the mark for us.

Then it happened.  On a cool October day in Toronto, we were sitting at one of our must try restaurants talking about the burgers we were eating, and it hit us.  We should start a blog.  And so, here it is.  We can only hope that this blog allows us to share two of our biggest passions in a way that inspires others to go out and experience so much that this world has to offer.  And don’t worry, we promise to add in a few laughs to help burn any extra calories that may result from any ideas suggested in our posts.

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