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I can’t think of a better way to re-launch the blog than with a review of one of our favorite restaurants. Since starting this Eatsward Bound journey, we’ve had some incredible eats and treats, but what we found in Oerlikon outside of Zurich’s city center transcends food. Borni’s Baizli is a neighborhood spot serving some of the best cordon bleus and rosti around; however, what makes this restaurant truly unforgettable is its owner, Borni.

Before heading to Borni’s, my first recommendation would be to visit the web site (you can use the hyperlink above) and make a reservation. This is simply a courtesy, but it also helps, as the restaurant can get busy on nights when there are events nearby. Second recommendation is that even if you only speak English, ask for both the English and the non-English menu. The non-English menu is where you will find the bigger list of cordon bleu options.

On our trips, we have always opted for the classic cordon bleu (ham and gruyere). It’s a classic for a reason. After placing you ordering, you will begin to hear this loud pounding from the kitchen. You can’t help but smile when you first hear it, as this is your first indication that what you’ve just ordered is being prepared at this very moment.

Portion Size

The first thing you will likely notice when you get your meal is the size of it. It is literally the size of a child’s head! We have seen tables where each person at the table ordered their own plate, but if you are visiting the area and don’t have a fridge in your hotel room, I recommend sharing a plate. Remember you can always go back for more if needed, but this also lets you try some other dishes.


For me there are 3 elements that define a cordon bleu – a crispy coating, a salty meat, and a melty cheese. Borni’s does all 3 of these perfectly, which results in an amazing bite.

Of the 3 elements, the highlight of Borni’s classic cordon bleu is the melty cheese. One of the highlights of this meal is watching the river of cheese ooze out as you cut into it, and then seeing the cheese strands as you pull each bite towards you.

As for the crunchy aspect, this is another element Borni does right. With some places, the side facing the plate tends to lose its crunch as it sits, but not here. Each bite from start to finish had a nice crunchy exterior that envelops the melty cheese and ham ensuring the perfect meal.


Before going into value, it needs to be noted that Zurich is one of the pricier places to visit in Europe. With that in mind, value takes on a different price tag when visiting. Factors to weigh include prices for similar items in similar restaurants. A big plus for Borni’s is that it is really good value when you compare the portion size and taste to the price.

Check from our most recent visit to Borni’s


While the food alone is worth a trip to Borni’s, the main attraction is Borni himself. A charismatic personality, Borni is the epitome of what a host should be. When he’s not busy serving customers or cooking in the kitchen, he can be found sitting and having a drink with locals stopping in for a bite to eat or sharing stories with new customers who just happened to find the restaurant by sheer luck. He makes all feel welcome from the moment you step in until the moment you step out.


From the food to the ambiance, Borni’s is one of the best restaurants we’ve found on our travels. If you ever find yourself in Zurich, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Borni’s Baizli. Oerlikon is an easy trip from the city center and can be reached by bus, tram or train. A trip well worth it for the best cordon bleu in the area.


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