Eating like a Local – Local 360 (Seattle, WA)

While I’m not a fan of oysters, Sonia is; so when planning our latest trip to Seattle, we knew that an oyster happy hour would have to be a must.  With so many places from which to choose, we opted for Local 360 based on price per oyster and other food options included on the happy hour menu.

We arrived at the restaurant a few minutes before the happy hour started, but the restaurant had no issues seating us and letting us wait. They gave us both the happy hour and the regular menu, and while the regular menu had options that caught our eyes, we stuck with our original plan.

Once the appointed time came, we dove right in and ordered. For our first round, we went with the Little Gem Lettuces, the House Cut French Fries with Garlic Aioli, the Mini Mac and Cheese, and a dozen of the $1 oysters.

Fresh with just the right amount of crisp and crunch with a garlic aioli that stands on its own. Highly recommend.
The salad is a nice light option on the happy hour menu that complements all the other menu items nicely. The mac and cheese was good, but we had a hard time determining what the breading on top was – maybe cheetos? While we recommend the salad, the mac and cheese can be skipped if there are other menu items you would prefer to focus on.
It’s hard to go wrong with oysters when in Seattle, so when they’re only $1, you’re already coming out on top for your meal. Oysters were fresh and are recommended. Just note that for Local 360, there is only 1 option for the oysters; however, while they don’t have a number of options, they do serve freshness, quality and value that can’t be beat.

After devouring the first round of dishes, Sonia and I shifted our focus on to the trio of sliders listed for the happy hour. Be sure to save some fries for these or even better, just add a second order if needed.

Fried Oyster Po Boy – Oyster was nicely fried and a pleasant size in proportion to the overall slider. The slaw and aioli add a nice subtle pop of flavor to accompany the oyster. Out of the 3 sliders, this was our 2nd favorite.

Braised Beef Slider – Of the sliders, this was our least favorite. The beef was tender, but for us, the flavor of the beef and kale was not all that inspired compared to the other 2 sliders.

Southern Fried Chicken Slider – Hands down, this was our choice as favorite slider. Similar to the oyster in the Oyster Po Boy, the chicken here is both nicely fried and a good portion for a slider. The pickled peppers add a significant punch of heat while the aioli adds a sweet creaminess to temper the heat. Both the aioli and the peppers combined give this slider a gourmet taste that you’ll want to keep coming back for.

The food and concept of Local 360 were a hit for us, so we will be keeping this local spot on our Seattle list for any future visits. Local 360 is located at 2234 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121.


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