Who Wants More Eye Candy

After our last blog post, it hit me that we take a lot more pictures that don’t get shared.  It could be that we just ate at a place which didn’t make it into a post or we limited the pictures used to save space.  Regardless of the reason though, we still want to share all the pictures we can.  So with that, we now have an Instagram account.

We will be using this to post photos that we didn’t get to use from our trips as well as post pictures of places we’ve eaten at that are local.  There are a lot of great places we get to go to right in our area that may not get a write up because we weren’t traveling.  This gives us a good way to share these.  Looking forward to our new step in the social media experience.

You can find us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/eatswardbound/


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