Food for Thought

Welcome to all our readers!  Sonia and I are excited to share our adventures with you.

If you want to know a little more about what this blog is all about, check out our “About” section.  To kick off our blog though, rather than focus on our most recent trip, we decided to each pick our favorite restaurant that we’ve tried regardless of where it is or on what trip.

We have 2 more trips left this year – Honolulu and Montreal and would love to hear any suggestions from you on where to eat at either place.  Just let us know by adding a comment on our “Reader Recommendations” section.  Oh, and don’t forget tell us what dishes we should order for when we go there.  If you have suggestions for other locations, please send those in at well.  You can always find an updates list of our upcoming trip on the right hand side of our blog posts.

So, welcome again and remember to travel happy and eat happy whenever you can!


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